West Bay

Our Story Begins in 1967

When Ben and Leidy Vermeulen founded SonShip and West Bay Shipyards, they had modest plans to build and repair boats. Ben had arrived in Vancouver from war-torn Holland eight years earlier, equipped with just $52 in his pocket and some early training as a goldsmith. He worked with a Lower Mainland wrought-iron fabricator, started a steel company, and turned to boat building in 1967. It became a lifelong passion – and a family labour of love.

Growing Into a New Century

The Vermeulens quickly built a reputation for their fine craftsmanship and honest, hardworking approach to business. West Bay Shipyards soon outgrew its tiny fishing shed and added more employees with each passing year. In addition to boat and yacht repairs, refits and parts, West Bay Shipyards began to design and build the West Bay family of luxury yachts. Today, SonShip yachts are known around the globe for their unique combination of old-world techniques and modern technology.

We Build Your Dreams

West Bay Shipyards reputation is built on quality without compromise. We understand what it means to get out in the open water: to pursue adventure, freedom, and to spend time with the people who matter most. That’s why we build luxury yachts that blend exceptional performance with stylish, modern design. It’s our commitment, and our privilege.

We Live Our Values

Quality, commitment and service are West Bay Shipyards core values. These are easy words to say, but they guide all of our decisions and day-to-day activities – from meeting with clients to installing navigation systems.

We are proud that West Bay Shipyards has been a family owned and operated, West Coast business for 50 years. Founders Ben and Leidy Vermeulen have shared a lifetime of marine knowledge and passion with their children, including sons Wes and Bas, who grew up in the business, and son-in-law Danny Kilberg, who now leads the company. At West Bay, family is more than our lineage; it’s a promise and a responsibility. It’s also why our employees and customers are valued members of the West Bay family.

What else should you know about West Bay Shipyards?

We believe in continually improving and fine-tuning our yacht designs. We work closely with our clients to design and build exceptional yachts. We use only the highest quality materials. We equip our yachts with up-to-the minute technology in navigation, communication, electronic, appliances, lighting, mechanical, and electrical marine systems. We love what we do – and we look forward to working with you.

Meet Our Team

Meet our Lower Mainland yacht builders, designers and the West Bay Shipyards executive team. We are here to serve you.

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